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Tell the Senate: Pass the RESTORE Act and send BP's fines to the Gulf Coast

It's been almost two years since BP's Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf Coast, leaking millions of gallons of oil into the surrounding environment. Gulf Coast communities are still feeling the effects of the oil spill on their livelihoods and their environment after all this time. The RESTORE Act, moving through the Senate right now, would ensure that Clean Water Act fines that BP pays will go directly toward helping affected communities rather than sitting in some government trust fund.

Now is the time to pass this bill.

BP is facing trial soon to determine how much in fines it owes. But if the trial ends before the RESTORE Act is passed, the funds may or may not make it to the Gulf Coast, and could take years to reach the people who need it – years that Gulf Coast residents can't afford to wait.

Tell the Senate to pass the RESTORE Act and send BP's fines to restore the Gulf Coast.


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