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Defend Indigenous Rights in Guatemala

One year ago, the Guatemalan Government agreed to suspend operations at the Marlin Gold Mine. This suspension would help local communities who are suffering under violence and the destruction of their livelihoods. But a year has passed, and the mine is still up and running. International pressure on the government could help change this.

Oxfam is working with local partners on the ground to raise thousands of voices, so that people living near the communities – people whose lives are deeply impacted by the mine – can finally be heard and protected.

Sign our petition, which we will hand deliver to the Guatemalan Government.

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Suspend operations at the Marlin Mine in Guatemala

To the Guatemalan Government,

It's time for the government to take action to suspend mining operations at the Marlin Mine in Guatemala.

This will protect the health, safety, livelihoods, and most importantly, the rights of local communities.

It has been one year since the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights ordered the temporary suspension of the Marlin Mine's operations.

We ask that the Guatemalan government comply with this mandate.

Please suspend operations at the Marlin Mine.

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