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12 billion bullets

There are more than 12 billion bullets produced each year – that's nearly two for every man, woman and child on the planet. In the hands of warlords and human rights abusers, those bullets can fuel terror and instability in communities already struggling to survive.

With your help, we can change that. Add your voice today and ask Secretary Clinton to support a strong Arms Trade Treaty that will, among other things:

  • Restrict arms and ammunition transfers when there is a substantial risk that such weapons will be used to violate international law or to undermine peace and stability;

  • Remove loopholes in the current weapon import, export, and transfer laws; and

  • Promote transparency and accountability in the international arms market.

It's time to put an end to the illegal arms trade that makes people in South Sudan afraid to leave their village to tend to livestock, that creates violence and forces families in Sudan from their homes and that threatens communities in Senegal.

Send a message to Secretary Clinton now asking her to support a strong Arms Trade Treaty on April 16.


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