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Speak up now: Be a voice for peace in Sudan and South Sudan

After a year of independence in South Sudan, the world’s newest country is in the midst of deepening humanitarian disaster.

Conflict, displacement and poor harvests, all much worsened by severe deterioration of the economy in recent months, are forcing the South Sudanese to face the worst food insecurity since the end of Sudan’s civil war in 2005. This year, half the population of the new country – 4.7 million people – will not have enough food to eat.

Emergency humanitarian aid to South Sudan is being scaled up to help feed people. But the fragile gains of the recent years of peace are at risk. With some of the lowest development indicators in the world – including the world’s highest maternal mortality rates – the people of South Sudan can’t afford to backslide.

We’re standing with the people of Sudan and South Sudan for stability, development and a lasting peace. Join us and ask President Obama to:

  • Make the permanent resolution of conflict and political crisis between Sudan and South Sudan a top foreign policy priority;
  • Work with both countries and international partners to ensure the immediate establishment and implementation of a border-monitoring agreement to help build peace along the border;
  • Ensure funding to meet emergency needs while also assisting with the long-term development of basic services and infrastructure to support the most vulnerable;
  • Commit to assisting South Sudan realize its vast agricultural potential so that it can feed its own people.

The leadership of the United States is crucial to forming a peace that lasts in Sudan and South Sudan. Will you speak up for peace today?

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