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URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Attacks on communities affected by mining in Guatemala

In Guatemala, Oxfam works with partner organizations, indigenous local organizations, and communities to support their rights to know and decide what oil, gas, and mining companies can do to the land they live on. And now, the lives of these partners are in danger.

On March 17, four local leaders were abducted by a group of heavily armed masked men while on their way home after finishing a public meeting, where the community voted against the license granted to El Escobal gold and silver mine in San Rafael, Guatemala. Two of the abducted leaders escaped. Roberto González was kidnapped and disappeared for one day and was finally released alive during Monday night. One of the kidnapped leaders, Exactacion Marcos, was found dead with bullets in his car.

These violent crimes are not isolated incidents – there have been several other crimes and threats made to activists and leaders in these communities in recent months. Indigenous communities across Guatemala are fighting for their most basic human rights, and that fight is putting their lives in danger. We need your help, now.

Join us. Demand that the Guatemalan government to protect the lives and human rights of all its citizens.

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