East Africa drought and food crisis: Donate now and help save lives

East Africa Drought and food crisis

Severe drought, entrenched poverty, conflict and lack of investment have pushed more than 12 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia into a fight for survival.

In Somalia, this crisis has crossed the threshold into famine – a title reserved for only the most extreme food shortages. Across East Africa, many people face the worst drought in 60 years, and now a cholera epidemic is spreading through the camps of Somalia, sickening thousands of people already weakened by malnutrition.

We urgently need funds to help people suffering from the drought in East Africa:

  • $50 can provide 200 people a day's supply of clean water
  • $100 can feed a family of six for two+ weeks
  • $175 can help dig a well that can provide drinking water and an irrigation source for years to come

Your donation will be used to help the people affected by this crisis in East Africa. Thank you for giving generously.

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